Healthcare Communication Systems in Syracuse, NY

Provide your healthcare facility with the best nurse call system available from healthcare buildingLife Safety Integrated Systems. We offer the leading healthcare communications systems available in the industry, including West-Com Nurse Call systems. From installation to training to 24-7 support, you can count on Life Safety Integrated Systems.

Our Medical Communications Systems

We understand the special challenges and needs of the healthcare industry. We also know that not all facilities have the same needs for their communications system. That is why we begin with a consultation where we discuss your specific needs. Whether it’s to improve patient response time, reduce floor noise, improve communication tools or something else, we’ll be able to provide you with a system that works perfectly for you.

Once a system is decided on, we’ll be able to install it quickly and efficiently. All of our technicians are trained in all of our systems and prepared to tackle even the most complex and challenging situations. It’s even done quietly, so patients can stay on the floor during the process.

We offer training free with service so that you are using the system to the best of your abilities. Gain hands-on training that mimics real life, preparing you to use your medical communications system. In addition, you’ll have access to 24-7 support from trained professionals.

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If you’re ready to implement your nurse call system in Syracuse, NY, contact our team at Life Safety Integrated Systems. We’ll help meet your needs and provide you with the healthcare communications system you need.