Security Integration Systems

Protect Your Facility from Intrusion, Theft and More

Protecting your facility from potential wrongdoing while ensuring the right people have appropriate access is important. To best protect your facility, set up a security system that you can rely on.

For reliable security integration in New York State, contact Life Safety Integrated Systems.


Intrusion Detection Systems

Protect your facility or building with a security system that monitors and analyzes network traffic or system activities for signs of potential security breaches. This could include malicious activities and policy violations.

Our intrusion detection systems are comprehensive and custom-designed to prevent loss for small or large commercial, retail and industrial businesses. These systems can be simple or sophisticated networks, seamlessly integrating into your wireless motion detection, video or card access systems.

Access Control Systems

Our team also installs and maintains reliable access control systems. Our systems can include interior and exterior doors and gates, providing superior protection for your building’s perimeter, products, assets and employees.

Video Surveillance Systems

For CCTV video surveillance of your facility, choose Life Safety Integrated Systems. Video Surveillance systems are proven to deter vandalism, decrease product shrinkage, enhance workplace safety for employees and improve business efficiency. Life Safety Integrated Systems offers complete CCTV video surveillance packages for businesses in various applications, from simple one or two-camera systems to complex multi-camera digital and IP systems – including cloud-based and mobile applications. 

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